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I remember being a young 16 year old lad when this came out, it was genuinely the greatest most funny thing I'd ever seen at that point. This cartoon honestly changed the course of my life from that moment on and left a huge mark on my psyche. I don't know where you are or what you're doing these days, but thank you for this nugget of madness you left.

Blows my mind that some of these kids don’t know Jerry Jackson. Classic new grounds content! As always- big fan David!

Amazing, really can't wait to see more. Not often I get to say that about a potential series on the internet. Well done, good luck and I hope to see more from you.

Hugely inspirational, especially for no dialogue.

PiratePudding responds:

The no dialogue was actually a big part of the idea, I hate bad translation and dubs so I didn't want it to need translation, heh.
Thank you very much, I'm very happy that the film is getting so much positive feedback! :)

(And if you'd like to help the film get out faster, please have a look at the patreon page!)

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Haha nice

Thanks for using my music too :D

There is an error.. please fix

i liked the tutorial.. it was helpful but there is an error in this code

if(this.walk.Feet.hitTest("_root.platform" + i)){
platform = eval("_root.platform" + i)
if(falling == true){
_y = platform._y
velocity = 0
falling = false
falling = true

fix it please

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What a great vibe, I love this! You got a follow from me :D

Great chords and feel to this track mate. Some sound patches could use a little reworking so they're less abbrasive, like the lead that comes in at .48 secs. It's quite loud and overbearing. It's the right idea though. Also some mixing issues with the dynamics of the track. Seems like it's been highly brickwalled on the master or something. There's lots of focus on the leads and mids, I'd say work on getting the mix right, bring the bass in, take the mids down a lot.

Very nice chords and arrangement though, hopefully some of these comments help. Keep going mate

edit: reading back it sounded harsher than when I was writing it. Please don't think I'm being mean, it's just because I really liked the track and think it has a lot of potential. I never normally write reviews. Good work!

awesome!! like the bossa nova grooves, I'd love to hear more of this stuff from you

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Thanks, man! definitely

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This is lovely, really like the colours, almost looks like watercolour. Thanks for the scout by the way :)

Suncomes responds:

My pleasure! Share your work, it's worth some attention.

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