Help a poor artist

2013-06-25 12:12:35 by fearing

Hey guys

So I've lost my place of living and all of my music gear/computer for work, so I'm asking if you guys would check out some of my music and if you enjoy it, please download it and any donations would be greatly appreciated!

Any music purchased, feel free to use it on whatever projects you like, use it in your beat tapes, whatever, link me to anything you use so I can check it out.

I need to get back on my feet as fast as possible and back to creating stuff again. I'm currently sleeping on a sofa at my brothers! I guess it's an adventure right?



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2013-06-25 13:01:44

Holy shit, your music is good. I'll buy something soon at some point. Sorry for your situation.

fearing responds:

Thank you for your awesome compliments, seriously I'm just glad you've checked it out :)


2013-06-25 13:34:04

your music is fucking great. i'm definitely buying some of this.

fearing responds:

Honestly mate, thank you for even checking it out :]


2013-06-25 21:51:32

Sure thing. I picked up yoko temple; I'm in love.

fearing responds:

Seriously thanks man! I'm so glad you're enjoying it, share it, use it, and rinse it :)

Stay well, dude.


2013-06-27 18:23:22

I would love to help you but, i still need to get a job.

fearing responds:

Thanks for even checking it out my man :)