Holyy Smokess - Farmily EP

2013-04-03 18:39:25 by fearing

Just finished up this EP, which I spent 2 days making on my days off from work. Hope you guys like warbling nostalgia rinsed VHS songs.

Holyy Smokess - Farmily EP

Holyy Smokess - Farmily EP


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2013-04-04 22:13:03

I found the whole EP really interesting, I just love that nostalgic VHS sound. You did great! Shared it on my FB wall and everything.

fearing responds:

Thank you kindly my friend! I'm glad there are others who also enjoy that nostalgic aesthetic that comes with tape and cassette. It's very much a missed thing, so I like to replicate it with my music, it definitely adds something. Thanks again mate, really pleased to hear you shared it too :)

Stay well.