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Yoko Temple - Bahía Sin Vida

2015-12-26 09:18:38 by fearing

Yoko Temple - Bahía Sin Vida



Been writing and recording this album on and off for about 2 years. Been sitting on it a while, hoping to spark some more inspiration to add more, but nothing has happened, so here's my favourite 8 tracks I wrote for it. Psychedelic noisy shoegaze, but ultimately pop music underneath it all.

Enjoy and merry christmas to you all



Yoko Temple - Six [New Release]

2015-10-25 11:31:52 by fearing

Hi guys, it's been a while. Just recently completed a new album. It's a kind of indie pop/retro funk with a lo-fi 80s feel. Check it out and hopefully some of you will like it!



Yoko Temple - Slackjaw EP

2015-03-18 16:08:03 by fearing

Hey guys, just finished up a new EP for my Yoko Temple project.

Check it out, feel free to give some feedback here, I'd love to hear it. Enjoy!





Holyy Smokess - Neonic (New LP)

2015-03-09 19:05:43 by fearing

Hey guys and girls, I just finished up a new album. Have a listen, for fans of Aphex Twin, Clark and anything in between.



Hey guys, I made this album a while ago, but I rediscovered it today and decided to release it. It's particularly creepy for me to listen to, because even though I made the noises, it doesn't sound like me. Anyway I was trying to capture some sort of concept of hell, the moments after dying and the travelling through hell.

Use headphones for best results!



If anyone would like to use this stuff in an animation or what not, please feel free to purchase it, if you cannot due to lack of funds, then please feel free to send me a pm and I'll hook you up for free. Laters, hope you enjoy.

Hey guys, hope some of you like chillwave/lo-fi/shoegaze/psychedelic rock





Anyone want to have their voice on my next album? All I need is a quick recording of you saying "wake up, you're dreaming". I want as many people as I can get saying it. Doesn't matter about audio quality, anything will do, iphone microphone, webcam, whatever. Email me thejevonjames@gmail.com and if you wan't to be credited, leave your name. Nice one. If you send it, it will be used.

but it's still pop music at heart. Have a listen if you like NIN or something




It's that time again where I release another album. I'm really happy with this, although it's quite short, it's potent.

It's shoegaze/lofi, with a real dreamy quality. If you like that sort of thing then please check it out and hopefully if you like it enough, share away.





Thanks again, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Have a good day


Please check it out, support indie artists, buy a cassette - limited to 20 copies!


Check it out or purchase here:-



More news soon, cheers!

- Jevon